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Date Posted:17 May 2016 

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Hunters Tool is the Most Complete State of the Art App For Hunting


Current technology helps hunters in many different ways. It is not just the guns or bows that have improved but today, hunters have access to different types of tools such as trail cams, GPS devices, rangefinders, etc.

We take great pleasure in presenting a new tool that is currently available to hunters and has become very popular because of its price, ease of use and convenience.

Hunters Tool is the first app dedicated for both hunters and hunting land management through smartphone and web page.

Based on the geolocation of hunting areas, icons and users, it allows hunters to save, check and share all information in real time with other hunters during their hunts.

Furthermore, Hunters Tool offers a wide variety of functions, for example:

o Draw and edit the boundaries of a hunting area

o Geolocate many icons related to different hunting styles, having a special mode for

driven hunts

o Locating fellow hunters and increasing security in the field

o Create communities allowing hunters to share information easily

o Create and keep all of your hunting tracks and trails

o Compare statistics with other hunters and hunt organizers in order to keep a historical


o Automatically generated hunting journal

o Find and book hotels near to your hunting areas

Most of the functionalities can also be used offline, which explains the huge success of the app, and why its being used all around the world.

In order to simplify the app as much as possible, Hunters Tool developers have conceived the app around three main screens.

First the map view, where all the icons are displayed. Two side menus allow users to access the functions of the app, making the app simple and dynamic.

Best of all, there is a free version which allows us to use the app, create 2 hunting areas and up to 10 icons. Users can upgrade to a more detailed version by subscribing to one of two annual subscriptions (Advanced and Professional). These different plans vary in the amount of icons and hunting areas the user wants to create.

Hunters Tool is currently only available for iPhone and iPad, however the Android version is currently in development.

So to sum it all up, Hunters Tool provides all the tools and sources of information any hunter would need at a very reasonable price.


Create hunting areas and draw their boundaries  


After logging in, users create a hunting area by drawing boundaries of the area by locating the

area through the search bar. By gently pressing on the screen users can create a starting point

of the boundaries and by continuing this process draw the line which will become the hunting

area. (See tutorial videos in Hunters Tool YouTube channel or Facebook page).



Create icons

On the map view, we just need to press on the screen where we want to position the icon.

Hunters Tool allows you to create all kinds of icons ranging from sightings, wallows, tracks

or even where you place your tent.

Within each icon we can add different kinds of information, we can even choose if we want to

share the icon with fellow hunters of our community.

If at any time users find the there is too much information in the map, we can filter icons.


Blood trails and shots 

Augmented Reality (RA) 

Augmented Reality gives you the possibility to see all the icons on the phone’s camera. This new technological breakthrough will help hunters locate all kinds of things like trail cameras, cars, sightings, etc. All within a safe network that only the friends you choose will be able to see.


Create pegs and groups of pegs 

Hunters Tool is the only app that has a specific mode for creating pegs and groups of pegs.

When hunting in a driven hunt, hunters will be able to locate where other pegs are, increasing security.

Hunters Tool also introduces the beater role, so that in every moment hunters can check where they are.





Report your position and action range  

When hunting, it’s normal to lose sight of our fellow hunters. With this functionality we can check where our friend is at all times.

And as you can see in the image, hunters have the possibility to adjust the action range to different distances, in order to see how far things are from his position.





Weather forecast and solunar tables 

Although this might seem trivial as many apps already provide us with this information, Hunters Tool goes a step further by giving us weather forecast and lunar phase tables based on the exact location of our hunting area.

We’ve been testing these predictions and we are very impressed with its accuracy.





Hunters Ranking 

If we have a hunting area that we share with friends, this function will allow us to see at a glance who shot most.





Again, we are conscious that this is nothing new, however having all your tracks saved with the rest of your hunting info will help you remember that dream hunt you did.






Book hotels 

How much time have you wasted searching for the nearest hotel to your hunting area? Well Hunters Tool gives you the perfect tool. By going to the right hand side menu and going to Accommodation, Hunters Tool will provide you the nearest hotels to the selected hunting area.


As simple as that!

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