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As a family-run business with over forty years of experience supplying pig hunting supplies to Australia’s pigging community, Hunting Haven knows just what you need to get the most out of your pig hunting expeditions. The pig hunting equipment we stock is crafted by experts designing for reputable firms, so you can trust their quality, reliability, and efficiency in the bush.


In this collection of dog equipment specially assembled for hunting, you will find state of the art gear to track your dogs, release them quickly, protect them during the chase, and patch them up after a tussle. For pig hunters looking for hunting dog supplies Australia has a number of suppliers, but few share our years of expertise in the field and monitor the innovative pig hunting supplies the brands we deal in are constantly refining and developing.

Our Range of Pig Hunting Gear Will Suit All Dedicated Pig Hunters

Among this range of Pigdog supplies seasoned and fledgling pig hunters will find all the pig hunting accessories they need to help them hunt feral pigs efficiently with the maximum of dog safety. Collars and chest plates allow for quick release in the bush and protect your pig dogs from enraged pigs in a tussle.
Dog tracking GPS equipment will help you track your pig dogs during the hours from dusk till dawn when pigs are out to feed. Skin stapling, stitching, and first aid kits let you patch your pig dogs up till expert attention is on hand. The pigdog supplies we select are designed and crafted by established brands with years of experience in supplying quality hunting gear for this specialised field sport.

Our Pig Hunting Accessories Include Collars, Leads, And Chest Plates

The collars we stock in this selection of dog equipment are designed for durability and field efficiency. Leather collars are trimmed easily for your dog’s comfort and flexibility of manoeuvre. High visibility collars help you track and locate your pig dogs by sight. Swift release leads allow you to unleash your pig dogs at the optimum moment when the quarry is within range. Tough, durable, high visibility chest plates afford your pig dog’s maximum security from tusks in a tussle with startled feral pigs. Adjustable chest plates mean your pig dog’s protection is secure no matter what breed it is.

Tracking Your Pig Dogs with State of The Art GPS Pig Hunting Tracking Equipment

Feral pigs like to feed at night, so modern GPS tracking systems are a boon to the modern hunter and we only select the best for our customers. Long range and whip antennae help
you track your pig dogs without impeding flexibility during the chase. Practical holsters and covers allow you to carry your GPS equipment with ease over even the toughest of terrains.

First Aid Kits and First Response Pig Hunting Gear

An efficient kill is every hunter’s aim, but enraged pigs are fearsome beasts and your dogs may suffer injury a long way from expert help during your hunting trip. Among our pig hunting accessories you will find easy to use, portable first aid kit to let you carry out emergency procedures on your pig dogs before getting them to a vet. We stock first aid kits, skin stapling kits, and emergency stitching gear to help you in these emergencies.