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Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks are a US made hardwood upgrade option for your rifle or shotgun. Due to US Government Export licence requirements these stocks can't be ordered by the end consumer, however here at Hunting Haven we can order them on your behalf. 

Hunting Haven can custom order in any Boyds gun stock you would like, including any of the upgrade options you would like to complete your custom look. 

Contact us with your requirements over the phone on 02 67712836



How to Order your Boyds Stock


So how do you order a Boyds Hardwood Gun Stock from Hunting Haven? Follow the simple steps below:

1. Head to the Boyds Website  and choose your make and model using their search function to find the stock you require.

2. Add any custom options you desire

3. Write down your stock options and extras, or take screenshots. We will need this information when we place your order.

4. Email the details of your stock, name, address and phone number to or give the shop a call on 02 67712836. We can accept credit card over the phone, bank deposit, or Paypal payments. 

5. We add your order to our next Boyds shipment, and post your rifle stock out to you as soon as it arrives here.


FAQ About Boyds Gunstocks


How much will it cost? The price of the stocks will vary depending on the options you require. We will post the stocks anywhere in Australia for a flat postage rate. Upgrades including custom colours, and custom engraving/checkering are also available. Contact us anytime for an accurate quote on the custom options you would like.


Can I Order the New Boyds At-One Gun Stock?

 Yes, absolutely! The new fully featured, adjustable At-One gun stock from Boyds is available for a large range of firearm models, in 11 different standard colours. Find out more about the new At-One stocks on the At-One Website.


How long does it take for Boyds Gunstocks to arrive?

 The current lead time is approximately 4 - 6 weeks from when you place your order, to when your stock arrives here. This can vary due to a number of factors, so please use this as a rough estimation only.