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*Knives are only available for sale to persons over 18 years of age.

For over four decades, Hunting Haven has brought the best hunter’s tools to Australia’s outdoor enthusiasts. A hunting knife needs to be strong, sharp, and easily handled; the purpose built hunting knifes we offer are fashioned and forged by seasoned experts in the field. High grade steels are used to forge the blades of the best hunting knives, and the trusted brands we offer use only the best, so their edge will remain razor sharp over your whole hunting trip. Oxidisation means all hunting knives lose their edges over time, so we offer specialised sharpening equipment with replacement belts to allow you to hone the edges of your pig hunting knives to your satisfaction.

Serious Pig Hunters Rely on The Hunting knifes We Offer

For hunters looking to buy a hunting knife Australia has many suppliers, but few have the wealth of knowledge and experience we do; this informs our choice of the best designs top knife smiths offer and we are proud of the selection of blades you see here. Whether you are looking for a sturdy pig sticker, a set of field butchery equipment, a hunting knife with a built in gut hook, a multi-purpose scalpel, or a folding knife, you will find your needs met and exceeded in this collection.

Our hunting knives have special features to help you make the most of your hunting trip: high visibility finishes and sheaths so you don’t fumble for your blade in the dark; built in torch lights to help you skin your quarry; serrated edges or bush craft tasks; and drop point or recurve designs for greater handling flexibility. Our hunting knives will allow you to make a quick, sure kill in all terrains and all weather conditions.

There are full butchery, processing, and slaughter kits here allowing you to skin your prey, open its ribcage, and joint it in the bush with consummate ease and efficiency. We
guarantee you will find the very best imported and Australian hunting knives here. Please contact us if you have any particular requirements you don’t see satisfied here as this collection represents only a part of our stock; we are happy to hear your need and help you meet them.

A Hunting Haven Pig Hunting Knife Will Give You That Extra Edge

Even the best hunting knives may chip given the rigours of the bush and the nature of the beasts we stalk. Electric knife sharpeners with replaceable belts mean you can keep your pig hunting knives honed to perfection between kills. We also offer portable sharpening diamond paddles and knife sharpening systems allowing you to hunt unencumbered by an excess of kit.

Traditional or Modern, Our Hunting Knives Are Selected for Their Practicality

Our vast experience over nearly half a century of supplying quality hunting gear to Australia’s outdoor enthusiasts allows us to select only the most practical, reliable pig hunting knives. Modern scales and high visibility sheaths serve a practical purpose – there are readily gripped in the dim light in which pigs love to forage. More traditional leather sheaths and timber handles are equally practical, and will heighten your pride in your outdoor enthusiasm. Precision tools designed and forged for the needs of the modern hunter, our hunting knives will look good on your belt, and be your truest friends after your dogs.