4 Reasons To Head For The Hills These Holidays!

Author: Jocelyn Reynolds   Date Posted:20 November 2016 

4 Reasons To Head For The Hills These Holidays! main image 4 Reasons To Head For The Hills These Holidays! image

4 Reasons To Head For The Hills These Holidays!

The festive season is without a doubt the craziest time of year. Hectic, busy, and never quite enough time to get everything done. For the first time this year we are spending Christmas away from home, and heading bush with the kids! Here's just a few of the reasons we think this is a fabulous idea!

1. Escape the Christmas Craziness!!

We all know what the lead up to Christmas is like - shopping, traffic, Christmas parties, school plays, drinking, eating, rushing to get everything done. I can't think of anything better than leaving all of that behind and heading bush! Imagine instead of the hustle and bustle that Christmas brings with it, waking up to the noise of the birds and the smell of the bush. Quiet. Peaceful. Calm. No phones or internet. And if you're lucky, not every man and his dog!

2. Revive Family Traditions

You've been telling yourself for months that you really should take the kids hunting. Teach them some skills, let them have a shot or a go with the bow and arrow. And then time gets away, you get busy with work, and school, and extra activities. Before you know it another year has gone by and you still haven't made the time to teach them some of the important life skills you'd like to pass down to the next generation. Escaping to the bush while you have time off over Christmas is the perfect opportunity to pass down some of these traditions and skills. Shooting, skinning, lighting the campfire, cooking over the open flames - the list is endless!

3. Escape Family Traditions!

We all know it's true - you don't get to choose your relatives. While some get on like a house on fire, and are more than happy to spend the holidays in each others company, you have to admit there's plenty that don't! Heading bush with those that you really want to spend the holidays with is the perfect way to escape those you'd rather not be around, in the nicest possible way!

4. Fresh air and Exercise

Over indulgence goes hand in hand with the Festive Season. Too much food, too much alcohol, not enough exercise - it's the perfect combination to leave us feeling sluggish and flat (and trying to convince ourselves that we'll be much more self-controlled next year!). Heading for the hills is the perfect antedote. Plenty of fresh air, hiking, exercise, and a limited amount of food. Get through the holidays feeling refreshed and energetic, and creating some life long memories!




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