Desolve Camouflage | Applying Intelligence to Concealment

Author: Hunters Element   Date Posted:17 May 2017 

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Do you understand how camo works? We thought we better check it out some time back and we figured out that pretty much everyone has it wrong. Controversial I know!

The guts of it is that animals see in a very different way to us. This means that the standard mimicry "sticks and leaves" patterns look good next to the forest floor, but deer just see them as big, odd, blobs of brown in all the other environments we hunt in. Desolve have done the research, figured out the science and done the testing. Check out this video explaining why you might be about to trade in all your old gear.


Hunters Element are an innovative hunting company and one of the first to license the world leading Desolve Concealment range of camouflage patterns. But what makes them so good and why do they look so different?

Animal vision differs significantly from human vision yet the idea of concealing ourselves from the human eye has dominated the hunting camouflage market internationally. That is until now.

Common sense tells us that if we can’t see the hunter, the animal can’t either. Science challenges those perceptions and Desolve® Deception Camouflage has produced the evidence. A hunting camouflage system that works with its environment and the weaknesses in animal vision to take you out of the picture. This replaces our passive attempts to hide with the confidence of active concealment.

Reducing the range of engagement is in the front of every hunters mind, the challenge for any camouflage is concealing you effectively at any range. Patterns that mimic your surroundings depend on ideal conditions and a constant landscape. They work with the human eye, ultimately producing a false confidence. We are programmed to believe what we see but when it comes to hunting, it is more effective to believe what animals see.

The rules have changed in your favour, game on.





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