Hunters Element Project Odyssey

Author: Hunters Element   Date Posted:8 February 2018 

Hunters Element Project Odyssey main image Hunters Element Project Odyssey image


Project Odyssey is the biggest, most extreme design and development project ever undertaken to produce the ultimate hunting jacket. We threw all old ideas out the window, headed in to the mountains with Cody Weller and asked him to help us put together the perfect rain coat.

Cody is a professional culler for doc in the brutal South Island during the week and a multiple record holding master bow hunter on the weekends. With well over 300 days a year spent hunting, he knows everything there is to know about thrashing gear in extreme places and getting close to game.

With 18 months of planning, design and multiple samples being tested, rejected and refined by Cody in the bush and on the tops, we finally arrived at the most durable, waterproof, breathable, tailored, quiet, light and feature-rich jacket on the market. Full release coming mid Feb 2018.


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